Tubing Kit - Exercise Resistance Bands

High resistance elastics and reinforced finish! There are about 68kgs of cargo!

Excellent to perform your workouts without leaving home or even to take on your travels. Very light and compact.

The Tubing Kit is perfect for those who want to strengthen, tone and define muscles. It comes with tube-shaped rubber bands made of high-quality and resistant latex. Each elastic is 1.20 m long and has different strengths. It is possible to perform the exercises using 1 or up to 5 rubber bands at the same time, thus creating more than 30 different levels of resistance.

Purpose: Strength gain, endurance, increase in lean mass, muscle toning and improvement of physical conditioning.

The kit includes:

1 elastic of 3.0 kg of resistance

1 elastic of 5.5 kg resistance

1 elastic of 8.0 kg resistance

1 elastic of 10kg resistance

1 elastic of 12.5 kg of resistance

2 foam-coated handles

2 ankle straps

1 anchor to place on the door

1 nylon bag

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